Acting for Stage and Camera: Short Course for Adults (18+)

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Build your confidence, creativity, empathy, communication skills ... and have fun doing it!

Gain an introduction to acting techniques for stage and camera over ten weekly sessions. Work on and complete two productions, one for stage and one for camera, and present them to a live audience.

Classes will be taught by me, Jarred Tito (Bachelor Ed; Dip Tch; Cert in Film, Video and Television Production; Cert in Drama Directing, Script Writing). I have previously lectured in Performing Arts at Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) and EXCEL School of Performing Arts.

In this course, you will:

  • learn acting techniques for both the stage and camera
  • create and produce two productions, one for stage and one for camera, and
  • present and perform your video and stage productions.

In my experience these are some of the other benefits people have taken away from doing these courses: more confidence and creativity, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, empathy, higher levels of concentration, and improved teamwork and collaboration skills.

Limited spaces available.

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Thanks to Whau Local Board for supporting the acting classes which ran from 16 March to 18 May.

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